The Hermès Himalayan Birkin

By Kikemonk
October 5, 2021

The Hermès Himalayan Birkin is one of the most elusive bag out there. With a market price of upwards of $250,000 USD, these Birkins are not easy to find. Lets find out what makes these Birkins so expensive, and the craftsmanship behind the most exotic Hermès bag out there!

The process to create a Himalayan Birkin is very precise and partially secretive. To create the Matte White Himalayan coloration, the craftsman must begin by finding a naturally light skin, which in itself is a complicated job to do. Once selected the hide is dry salted to preserve the material, soaked to clean the skin, limed for descaling, and de-limed to prepare the hide for pickling. Once completed it is chrome tanned to turn the organic material inorganic. This helps make the skin more durable. After the skin must be shaved, and degreased to thin it out, re-tanned to soften it and make it easier to work with, and finally dried. Only then does the secretive dyeing process begin. This process is highly guarded and a mystery to most people.  

How Much Does The Himalayan Sell For?

The Himalayan is among the rarest and most sought out bag out there. This means the quantity out there is unknown. Estimations have been made based on the ones circulating the resale market, yet no one knows the exact amount produced, making the Himalayan a very rare investment piece to get. The retail price of a Himalayan Birkin varies depending on the size but due to its scarcity the exact prices aren’t known. The difficulty of obtaining one also makes the bag nearly impossible to get in store. This means the resale value on the Himalayan Birkin can go up as high as $300,000+ at auctions and in the private resale market. In 2017 a diamond Himalayan Birkin sold for over $400,000 USD. 

The Himalayan Birkin at Luxe Du Jour sold within 24 hours of listing. The soaring pricing of these highly coveted bags may send your head spinning, but for some, you just can’t put a price tag on Hermès’s most exotic bag! Since our clients are out top priority, the CEO of Luxe Du Jour flew into Vancouver to hand deliver the bag to our very lucky client who was ecstatic to get her hands on it. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to add the most desired Birkin into their collection?