The New Chanel Microchip Explained

By Kikemonk
October 14, 2021

The New and Improved Chanel Serial Codes

While Chanel clients are still adjusting to the latest price increases on their Chanel bags, another change occurred; no more authenticity cards or serial stickers. What was once a staple for authentication is no longer a thing.

chanel serial code and authenticity card


Chanel is just one of many luxury brands trying to counteract the ongoing counterfeit market. Chanel’s removal of authenticity cards was done to adapt the latest ‘microchip’ design. The NFC microchips (Near-field Communication) chips are a key facilitator in blockchain technology and are being placed in goods that have a history of being counterfeit. Blockchain technology is a system that stores information that is virtually impossible to edit. Therefore these chips are created to store a product’s history- from creation to distribution to transaction. This means counterfeiters will be unable to remake these chips, as they do not have the required technology or tools in their possession.

The change took effect on Chanel products from the new 21A product serial numbers onward. These metal chips can be found on the inside of the bag. The Metal chips are a small rectangle (about 1.2 inches wide) in the form of a metal plaque with the classic CC logo and an 8-digit alphanumeric serial code on it.  The metal color matches the rest of the bag’s hardware.

chanels latest microchip serial code 2021

The Benefits of Chanel Microchips

Though It will be fairly easy for superfakes to create a look-a-like metal chip on the inside of fake bags, breaking into Chanel’s system, to authenticate the bag will be nearly impossible. The microchip data can only be accessed with proprietary machines by Chanel sales associates at the boutiques. This will will help eventually differentiate the superfakes from the authentic ones. 

When comparing the new micro chip plaque to the existing sticker and authenticity card method, the stickers are susceptible to fading and the card can easily be misplaced. This affects the resell value of a bag greatly and makes authenticating very hard. 

How to Authenticate Microchipped Bags With Resellers

Here at Luxe Du Jour we have already bought and sold bags with microchips and are familiar with their placement and the code. Our professional in house authenticators are very familiar with Chanel and with the hologram and authenticity card from every series. Our authentication process is a rigorous procedure which has many components to ensure all bags are 100% authentic. This means we look at many aspects of a bag to authenticate such as the hardware, leather, and stitching to name a few. We always stand behind our bags and guarantee 100% authentication on everything we sell. 

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