The Top 10 Most Iconic Chanel Bags of All Time

By Luxe Du Jour
March 27, 2024

When we talk about what is Iconic we aren’t necessarily talking about the classics, the average bags or the bags that everyone might have. We are talking about the IT bags that would turn heads, drop jaws, start conversations and definitely be worth a heck a lot more money than what it was sold for because of how ICONIC it is. Here are our top 10 most iconic Chanel bags of all time and the reason why it made our top 10 iconic list from our luxury experts.

1. The Chanel Vintage Heart or Round Bag from 1995

This bag is also known as the “Barbie” Bag ever since it made its premiere on the barbie show featuring Margot Robbie in 2023. Prior to the Barbie movie this was already reselling on the resale market for around $20,000 which is 100x what it originally cost back in 1995!

After the Barbie Movie this bag can now be found reselling for $30,000 to even $40,000 on the resale market! This bag is extremely rare and you won’t often find someone rocking this iconic bag but when you do you just know that they are most likely an icon themselves!

2. The Chanel 19S Pearl Mini Rectangle Flap

This Chanel bag was released in 2019 spring summer collection and is fully covered in pearls that had to be hand sewn onto the satin which is what makes this bag iconic. The details required by hand makes this so special because a majority of all Chanel bags are machine made with minimal hand work. Hundreds of pearls and thousands of eyeballs will be on you if you are seen rocking this bag! This is another bag that sells for 2x its retail price on the resale market and sometimes 3x! If you are planning to buy this bag we highly recommend getting it authenticated by Chanel expert Zeko’s Authentication as this style is a style that is highly faked with great fakes in the market. Luxe Du Jour does not condone the selling counterfeit items and its responsibility to ensure counterfeits do not get circulated.

3. The 18S Emerald Green Chanel Classic Flap

Now, we know what you are thinking… What a boring classic! It’s not the style of this bag that makes it iconic rather the color! This Chanel bag iridescent green color in caviar was released in 2018 and Chanel has yet to release this exact same shade of beautiful stunning green! We promise this is the only classic style that made it onto this top 10 iconic list but we promise if you get a chance to see this color in real life your jaw will drop and even you will probably be asking the owner to sell it to you! This bag can be found reselling for 2x on the resale market but it’s rare to even find one that’s available in stock!

4. The 19A Chanel Basketball Bag

This Chanel basketball bag was released in 2019. The perfect bag for an NBAs wife or a sports fan! This is an iconic “bag” and the reason we air quoted the word bag is because it’s not actually a bag. The basketball is a real Chanel basketball that you can dribble! The bag doesn’t open and this “bag” doesn’t actually function as a bag other than to carry this basketball around. We call it FASHION.

5. The Chanel Graffiti Backpack

This Chanel Backpack was released in Spring Summer of 2014 and has many different variations however, it’s this particular style that resells for 3x what it originally sold for. The overall graffiti look makes this bag iconic because it was designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld and represents artwork culturally. There are definitely strong opinions around this bag with some who hate it because it looks dirty throughout and some completely obsessed because it has that street style and rugged look.

6. The Chanel Gondola Minaudiere Bag

Another iconic collectors piece that was released in Fall/Winter of 2019 is this bag made out of plexiglass, crystals, and enamel. A bag fit for a fashion queen! This bag is without a doubt iconic from the Chanel runway collection and there is just no other like it in the shape of a gondola.

7. The Chanel Lego Brick Minaudiere Clutch Bag

This Iconic Chanel bag may look familiar because it’s the Chanel boy bags front closure but in an oversized bag version made out of plexiglass. You’ll find many celebrities like Rihanna and Rita Ora rocking this bag carried as a clutch or over the shoulder or crossbody in many bold bright colors!

8. Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Minaudiere Bag

Chanel is also well known for their perfumes especially the No.5 Chanel perfume which is adored and worn by many but now imagine the ability to embrace your love for their perfume in a bag! This No.5 Perfume bottle bag is bound to make a statement.

9. Chanel XXL Flap Bag

What could be more iconic than an extra large classic flap bag perfect for travel?! Classic meets iconic. Travel in style with this iconic Chanel bag.

10. Chanel Exotic Croc Classic Flap

Last but not least is the Chanel classic flap in real exotic leather especially a bold color. The reason this made it on our top 10 most iconic Chanel bags list is because Chanel discontinued the make of all real exotic materials back in 2019. This is one of the few brands that banned the use of any real crocodile, lizard or snake skin so if you see any exotic materials after 2019 they are either an embossed print or a counterfeit.

This wraps up our top 10 most iconic Chanel bags ever made! The great thing about shopping preloved on consignment or on the resale market is that you’ll be able to find these rare iconic bags for purchase! Find your next iconic bag with Luxe Du Jour. Browse over 5000 pre-owned authentic items available in stock HERE.