The Ultimate Guide to Hermés Colors

By Luxe Du Jour
March 1, 2024

Everything you need to know about Hermes colors and what colors are the most popular with the best resale value and which colors are not as popular?

What started as just five (Etoupe, Gold, Noir, Rouge H, and Orange H), there are now over 250 Hermés colors, each highly distinct and recognizable from the other even if they are all in the same color group and did you know that depending on what leather is used could mean the same color could look completely or slightly different. The reason for this is because certain leathers absorb pigment differently which makes some colors more vibrant or muted than other leathers.

Sourced from farms around the world, including the famous French Tanneries Haas who since 1842 has crafted some of the most incredible calf leathers, the time and rigorous process adds to the luxuriousness and exclusiveness Hérmes is noted for.

Currently, the House has also taken two tanneries under their wing making their coveted leathers in house: Tannery du Puy and Tannery d’Annonay. By doing this, Hermés continues to add to their exclusivity.

What Hermés colors have the highest resale value?

A common question we get at Luxe Du Jour is — what colors to invest in that will hold their value through the years and have the best potential resale?

Given that Hermés consistently releases new and also re-releases colors, certain ones remain at the top of the pyramid and are harder to attain. Some colors might only be possible to receive through special order or luckily you get chosen to be given your dream bag, at the end, it’s part of that dreaded H Game.

If your dream color is impossible to score and for those who can’t wait, resale shopping is truly the way to go. If you are one of the lucky ones and get offered any of these best to invest in colors, scoop them up immediately before the next Hermés price increase!

The most popular Hermés colors that hold the best resale value:

Let’s talk about Holy Grail Hermés colors, those top colors that are worth every penny! While the core primary colors remain at the top there are some beautiful seasonals that make this list as well:

– Noir

– Gold

– Etain

– Etoupe

– Gris Asphalt

– Gris Mouette

– Biscuit

– Chai

– Craie

– Nata

– Bleu Brume

– Vert Criquet

– Vert Jade

– Mauve Sylvestre

– Bubblegum Pink

– Rose Confetti

– Rose Sakura

The least popular Hermes colors that don’t hold their value as much:

Let’s talk about the colors that are not as popular and often selling below retail price on the resale market. Luxe Du Jour specializes in reselling Hermes and prior to 2024 these colors have been the least in demand on the market that we find harder to sell. However, if you love these colors don’t let this deter you from buying the color you love just know that you will be able to find these colors on the resale market for amazing prices compared to the premium more popular in demand colors. Fashion trends change throughout the years and some colors can start trending and come off the unpopular list and make it to popular in demand list such as Chocolate in 2023 and now with Denim trending and going strong in 2024 we think the popularity of blue jean will rise.

Vert Anis


Rose Jaipur

Terre Battue

– Bougainvillea


– Sanguine

Vert Bosphore




Blue Jean


– Rubis



The Most Underrated Hermes Color that we love and recommend!

These are colors our luxury experts love and don’t see a lot of people talking about these colors or enough people rocking them but they are absolutely stunning in person.

What Hermés colors are the hardest to get in the boutique?

Ultimately, the hardest colors to get in the boutiques are their primary two that were the first of Hermés’ core and remain permanent for the House: Noir and Gold. Beautiful neutrals that will last forever, pair well with any outfit, and will hold their value through the years. An extremely hard offer to receive from the boutiques, unless you’re a VIP, and currently with the changes on quota bags going from two to just one a year these colors will become even more difficult to buy.

Another question we get often is what about hardware color for these coveted bags?

Ultimately, a holy grail wish list we get often from our clients is the Hermés Gold on Gold. Nothing sets off the rich elegance of the House’s famous brown color leather than a warm, gold hardware. Requested often, this color and hardware combination also has a high resale value more so than the palladium hardware. The same can be said for noir bags when it comes to gold or palladium hardware choices.

Palladium gives a more contemporary feel to Noir and Gold, and is still a great choice for investment. When it comes to hardware it’s truly a personal preference, and you should wear what you love, but if you’re really looking at an honest resale value that’s what this guide is for. If you are looking to buy a Hermes Birkin or Kelly in Black or Gold we recommend buying on the resale market as you will often be able to find them for sale due the classic color constantly being released every year.

What Hermés Exotic Leather Colors Have Highest Investment and Resale Value:

Exotics can be a little different in terms of what colors have the highest resale value and are the top investment worthy bags. Here’s a list of the best Hermés exotic colors to buy:

– Himalayan

– Matte Noir (Black)

– Vert Émeraude (Emerald)

– Rose Scheherazade

What Makes The Hermés Himalayan Birkin or Kelly The Best Bag to Invest In?

The Hermes Himalayan Birkin is one of the most exclusive and sought-after handbags in the world, coveted by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. What sets the Himalayan Birkin apart is its exquisite craftsmanship, rare materials, and iconic design.

Named after the Himalayan mountain range, this luxurious handbag features a distinctive color gradient that resembles the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, transitioning from a soft white at the top to a subtle gray and then a deeper taupe towards the bottom. This unique coloration is achieved through a meticulous dyeing process, making each bag truly one-of-a-kind.

In addition to its mesmerizing color scheme, the Himalayan Birkin is crafted from precious materials, most notably matte Niloticus crocodile leather, which is highly coveted for its exceptional quality and rarity. The hardware on the bag is often made from white gold or palladium, can even come with diamonds, all adding to its opulent appeal.

Hermés Most Recent New Color Releases

Here are some of the latest color releases from Hermés 2023/2024 Collections. New, popular, and super coveted, these colors can be hard to get because of their debut, which makes them have a higher resale value and are investment worthy Hermés bag colors.

Out of the new color collection which is the hardest to find? Beige Marfa!

This perfect neutral is proving to be quite difficult to get which makes the chase for this specific shade much more rewarding if you are able to find it.

Beige Marfa

New Blue Jean

New White (Mushroom)

Orange Minium



Vert Comics

Rose Pop

Gris Neve

The Ultimate Color Guide by Group and Swatch for Hermés by Color Group

The Ultimate Color Swatch guide:

The Neutrals:

The Greys:

The Browns:

The Oranges:

The Yellows:

The Reds:

The Pinks:

The Greens:

The Blues:

The Purples:

Leather Comparison of Hermés Top Colors

The one thing you’ll notice is with Hermés range of colors, they translate differently with the leather type. Sometimes more bright on certain leathers can appear darker in others. We’ve put together a quick guide (of three core colors Gold, Craie, Rouge H) to showcase how leather grain and type can affect the color appearance and sometimes change your buying choices.

Hermés Gold Color Leather Comparison

Gold Epsom

Gold Swift

Gold Togo

Gold Clemence

Gold Negonda

Gold Ostrich

Gold Matte Alligator

Gold Veau Doblis (Suede)

Hermés Craie Color Leather Comparison

Craie Epsom

Craie Swift

Craie Togo

Craie Clemence

Craie Evercolor

Hermés Rouge H Color Leather Comparison

Rouge H Epsom

Rouge H Swift

Rouge H Togo

Rouge H Clemence

Rouge H Negonda

Rouge H Evercolor

Rouge H Chevre Mysore

Rouge H Box Calf

Rouge H Taurillon Novillo

Rouge H Lizard

Rouge H Ostrich

Rouge H Niloticus Crocodile

Rouge H Matte Alligator

We hope our comprehensive Hermés Color Guide will help you with identifying the 250+ colors that are available, and guide your shopping choices to lead you to your dream colors!

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