Top 5 picks of bags we saw come into our head offices in 2021.

By Kikemonk
January 5, 2022

Dec 31st 2021: I will not buy another handbag

Jan 1st 2022: New Year, New Bag

Can you believe is 2022? 

2021: We all survived the luxury market’s price increases (barely), we saw the revival of the saddle bag, a trend of nylon bags (how do we feel about nylon bags?) and mini bags were the new “it” bags of the year (perfect to fit a breath mint).

There were many trends throughout the year. These are top 5 picks of bags we saw come into our head offices in 2021.

Basketball – This counts as a bag, right?

This rare bag is currently still available for purchase, this is probably going to go up in price in the resale market due to it being a collectors item. Who needs to invest stocks when you can invest in bags?

Chanel Basketball Bag

Louis Vuitton

This year we lost a true visionary in the fashion industry, the great Virgil Abloh. Virgil Abloh left his mark on the industry and changed our perception of streetwear and introduced it to the luxury market. His collection was colorful and bright and we loved it!

Louis Vuitton Victorine Wallet


Baby Blue Too Please

The classic flap is a timeless piece and once you’ve collected all the neutrals of this bag, you will definitely need this Blue Clair color as well! Somehow this bag is still available for purchase.

Chanel Classic ML Flap


Wait, How much?

This Himalayan Birkin we sold for $165,000 and now it’s worth even more than that on the resale market. This is you sign to consign your rare luxury handbags with us!

Hermès Himalayan Birkin


The 19

Something about the mixed metal chain makes it so easy to pair with any and all outfits. You have silver earrings and a gold dress? Throw on the 19 and you’re good to go and then the metals won’t clash #lifehack . 

Chanel 19 Flap Bag

I wanna hear from my fellow bag addicts, What was your favourite bag trend of 2021?

Let us know!