Top 5 Reasons To Consign With Luxe Du Jour

By Kikemonk
October 10, 2020

Some people have extensive designer handbag and accessory collections that they’d like to hold on to forever. Others, like many of our team members and Luxe Du Jour clients, prefer to periodically get rid of old items to make room for new purchases. 

One of the ways we’ve successfully been able to do this is through consignment; instead of finding ways to dispose used handbags and accessories, why not resell them and earn a certain portion of your investment back? 

We’ve been helping our clients re-home many of their designer goods for years, which is why we’ve created this list of the top 5 reasons to consign with Luxe Du Jour. 

1. We deal with the buyers for you 

Rest assured that when you choose to cosign with us, you prevent yourself from having to deal with low-ball and non-serious offers. We handle all communications and customer inquires until we find a serious buyer. 

2. Your safety and privacy are well protected 

Sometimes, selling items such as designer handbags and other branded accessories can impose a safety risk when potential buyers request to meet in person to view the item. When you consign with us, we take that risk for you to uphold your safety and protect your privacy. 

3. Prevent yourself from fraud, payment scams, and shipping issues

You do not need to worry about dealing with with payment scams or fraud when you choose to sell with us; our team of experienced professional ensure that each transaction is legitimate. Additionally, we deal with the headache of lost or stolen shipments so you don’t have to. 

4. Sell your items faster 

We’re a trusted, reputable consignment company with a large following of bag addicts who are always on the lookout for new bags to add to their collection. When you consign with us, there’s a high chance that your item(s) will sell in a short period of time. 

5. It helps save the environment 

If you’re a bag lover that doesn’t like to deal with the headache and stress associated with reselling your old bags, but want to reduce your carbon footprint, consignment is a great way to maintain the best of both worlds. We take your stress away, and you help save the planet by re-homing your old bags instead of letting them go to waste. 

Consign with us today 

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