Turning Your Designer Bag Wish List to Reality

By Luxe Du Jour
July 9, 2024

Many fashion and luxury lovers have designer bag wish lists that seem unattainable. Whether a classic Chanel flap bag or the latest seasonal ‘It’ bag from Gucci, these pieces come with premium price tags that can stretch budgets a little too thin. However, with some strategy and patience, your dream designer bags don’t have to stay a fantasy.

Start with pre-loved pieces

The resale market for luxury bags is booming, and sites like Luxe Du Jour offer pre-owned handbags in mint condition at a fraction of the original price. With so much choice, you can find your wish list styles at more approachable costs. Buying pre-loved ensures someone else takes the initial depreciation hit while you enjoy like-new quality. That said, be sure to only purchase from authenticators you trust to avoid fakes.

Set savings goals

Putting money aside each month specifically for a target bag helps make large purchases feel more achievable. Open a separate savings account just for your wish list to track progress visually. Break the total cost of the bag into monthly installment amounts you can comfortably save to chip away at the price slowly. Celebrating smaller milestones along the way keeps you motivated until your goal is within reach.

Consider seasonal colors

Many brands release limited-edition colorways of classics each season that maintain the timeless design but at a lower entry price than exotic leather or hardware options. Follow brands on social media to spot new drops and be ready to pounce when seasonal shades hit the market. Colours like fuchsia or mint won’t retain value as well as neutrals in the long run but satisfy your bag craving at a discount.

Pay with trade-ins 

Consigning pre-owned items you no longer wear to sites providing buyout or consignment options puts money directly towards a new purchase. Luxe Du Jour offers competitive consignment rates and frequently runs promotions that cover a high percentage of a new bag’s cost. Clearing out your closet funds new additions.

Opt for monograms

Many luxury houses will personalize bags, wallets, or other accessories with initials or names at no extra cost beyond the base prices. This offers an opportunity to snag entry-level versions of styles for the same outlay as non-monogrammed pieces. Opting for monograms fulfills the designer flex while allowing you to allocate the savings elsewhere in your budget.

Look for outlets

Certain brands like Coach and Kate Spade have factory outlet stores and online sale sections stocked with past-season merchandise at up to 60% off. While these may not include the same highly coveted bags as flagship boutiques, they provide design-house quality and prestige for deal-hunter prices. Outlets satisfy your itch for a label without breaking the bank.

Set alerts

Follow your favourite bag styles and designers on Instagram to catch restocks and limited releases immediately. Some exclusives have time-sensitive sales or flash promotions that mark items down significantly for a short period. Be amongst the first to know about deals by opting into various brands’ email lists and shopping apps for notifications of discounted merchandise. Speed is key to snagging deals on coveted pieces before they sell out.

Fuel Your Designer Bag Dreams on a Realistic Budget

Itching to upgrade your collection but fear price tags will never align with your wallet? Let Luxe Du Jour help turn fantasy into reality.

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