Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch is Best for You?

By Luxe Du Jour
June 10, 2023

If you are a watch connoisseur, you know the importance of choosing that ideal luxury watch for your collection.  Watches are not one-size-fits-all accessories, and you need to find the best watch size for you. Choosing the perfect luxury watch that is right for your wrist will ensure you love your purchase. 

There are no set rules or calculations in terms of the perfect size or shape for your watch frame, although certain tips will help you purchase a balanced and proportionate watch. A watch should always feel comfortable on your wrist but tight enough not to slide around. It should also be loose enough not to dig into your skin.

Case size, bandwidth and design will affect your choice, and while this may sound a bit complicated, this guide will help you consider your new luxury watch. 

Wrist Size

Before looking at watches for sale, you must know your wrist size. There are thin wrists, slender wrists, medium wrists and thick wrists, and this factor will impact which watches look best on you. Knowing which of these categories you fall into will help you choose the right watch, and this is especially important if you are shopping online because you will be able to purchase a style that fits perfectly without trying it on. This information will also help you focus on designs that are suitable for your wrist. 

How to Measure Your Wrist

You can use a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper to wrap around your arm where your watch band would usually sit, and this should be just below the wrist bone. Take note of the measurement and follow this guide:

If Your Wrist Is 14-16 cm, It Is Very Thin.

You must keep proportions in mind while looking at watches for sale and avoid buying anything that is too big or bulky, as this will overwhelm your thin wrist. Small and slender designs are ideal. 

If Your Wrist Is 16-17 cm, It Is Slender.

Slim and sophisticated watches are best for wrists that are slender but not small. A watch with a thin case with an average diameter is ideal, and keep the overall design of the piece in mind when shopping for watches for sale. 

If Your Wrist Is 17-18 cm, It Is Medium.

Many different watches will suit this structure, and you can experiment with different designs. You can choose a chunky watch or a slimmer timepiece – the choice is yours.

If Your Wrist Is Above 18 cm, It Is Thick.

This will require a large watch, and the goal is to balance size with style. You need to find a watch that is proportionate to your wrist without seeming overwhelmingly chunky or excessively small.

Other Factors to Consider:

-Watch case diameter.

-Watch band width.

-Watch details.

-Watch band material.

-Watch case thickness.

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