What Brands do we Accept?

By Kikemonk
October 6, 2021

Here at Luxe Du Jour we specialize in specific brands to ensure we are always providing the best services to our clients. The list below are the current brands we accept!

We aren’t like most consignments where we accept every and any brand because we do not specialize in every brand. Our in house authentication experts specialize in these particular brands and have the most knowledge when it comes to these brands. Our team dedicates all our resources and time into being experts in these brands and that’s how we are able to confidently offer a life time guarantee of authenticity on every item sold by us. It troubles us to see some clients accidentally purchase fakes from other consignment shops and we have dug a little deeper into why this happens. We notice that these consignments are accepting every and any brand. Yet how can a small business authenticate every single brand without those brand experts? They are using online sources and relying on online photo authenticators to authenticate. This may not be as accurate since those professional authenticators cannot feel, smell and see the bag in person.

It’s important to us to have our multi step authentication process in place which is why every item has to go through an in house expert / authenticator from Luxe Du Jour then the second stage of review before being processed and uploaded.

To help find the right consignment for you and your item to sell efficiently. You can know your consignment better by seeing what kind of inventory they have and sell a lot of and what sells out quickly. Luxe Du Jour is a higher end consignment where we don’t take clothing and we sell a lot of higher end brands (and we sell them fast). Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent sells extremely well with us and our clientele. We have built a huge clientele of affluent women who purchase a lot of Hermes and Chanel bags from us.

If you were to see a consignment selling mostly cheap vintage handbags in poor condition this would not be your ideal consignment to sell a brand new Hermes Birkin bag for a premium price. Why? Because their audience and clientele might only be people who were looking to thrift and find inexpensive bags. Your chances of being able to sell your brand new Hermès Birkin for $25,000 would be low.

A similar analogy would be taking your Lamborghini and trying to sell it at a used Honda dealership and expecting to sell it fast at a premium price. It just doesn’t make sense. Thats why knowing your consignment is important.

A consignment that sells mostly Hermès and higher end items means their clientele has a higher budget and are looking for higher end items. Therefore, because we established a clientele based off of specific luxury brands, our clientele is not the right market for preowned Coach or Michael Kors bags.