What is an NFT? #MetaBirkin

By Kikemonk
January 12, 2022

Cue Pete Davison’s “Saturday Night Live” skit where he sings “what the heck is an NFT?” Upon listening to the skit, we learn an NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Which essentially means it’s a unique piece of data that’s not transferable and stored on the blockchain. Essentially it’s a digital ledger. 

In early December 2021, The MetaBirkin was created, by Los Angeles based digital artist Mason Rothschild.

This project was introduced at Art Basel in Miami. Art Basel is an art show that works with local institutions to help grow and develop art programs. It’s important to note that MetaBirkin isn’t a real bag – they aren’t produced by Hermès, and it’s not a handbag you can put things inside of. 

The fuzzy design of the bag was meant to raise awareness against fur in fashion and create a conversation about embracing ethical alternative textiles. Mason Rothschild created 100 different variations of this bag.

How much is this fictitious bag worth? It has a price range of 0.3 – 249 Ethereum. Which is around $4073.75 – $1,014,364.03 Canadian dollars. 

On December 22nd, Mason Rothschild issued a statement due to Hermès not being too impressed with the MetaBirkin. Rothschild wrote  “the first amendment gives me every right to create art based on interpretations of the world around me… There is a moving tide of innovation and evolution, and it is your role as a fashion powerhouse to amplify young creatives and artists rather than stomp them out. Your actions can help determine the future of art in the Metaverse.”

The MetaBirkin is still available on OpenSea, even though Hermès has requested for it to be removed. The Metaverse is projected to becoming a $1 trillion-dollar industry, which means luxury brand might be starting to transition into the digital sphere.

I want to hear from my bag lovers, would you purchase a MetaBirkin? Or a luxury NFT bag?



Rothschilds Statement: