By Luxe Du Jour
March 12, 2024

Benefits of buying designer handbags, shoes, accessories and watches on the second-hand market.

Designer luxury has dominated the fashion industry. They are a timeless symbol of elegance, glamor and are crafted with top quality. They are also investment pieces which can go up in value over the years, and owning a designer piece comes with a great sense of pride and is a feeling unlike any other. However- buying designer is expensive, and can take a long time with waiting lists and status building. Thankfully purchasing pre-owned is a more cost effective and easily accessible way to enjoy designer without compromising on quality or authenticity. Here are reasons why buying pre-owned is the way to go when purchasing luxury handbags, accessories, shoes, and watches.

It’s More Affordable

One of the most common reasons for purchasing designer fashion on the resale market is because it is much more cost effective. Pre-owned luxury is typically priced at a fraction of the price that it is in stores. Sometimes a pre-owned designer item can be 50% cheaper than the retail price! Just like this Louis Vuitton Capucines that sells for $3,300 at Luxe Du Jour, retails $7,058 brand new in store! So you can save money without losing the premium quality of designer items.

Example 1. This pre-owned Hermes Birkin 35 sells for UNDER RETAIL price! No pre-spend and no waiting for an Hermes Birkin that is cheaper than retail price in stores. If you don’t mind pre-owned, this is just one of the perks when shopping on the resale market! The Hermes Birkin 35 currently retails for around $15,500 CAD in stores after taxes and if you aren’t familiar with the Hermes game then we suggest you read up on the Hermes Game to understand how frustrating it can be trying to build up your Hermes profile to be offered a Birkin.

Example 2. The Lady dior is another great example of thousands of dollars off retail price if you choose to buy pre-owned in excellent condition. Below is an image from Diors website of their current March 2024 prices in USD without tax $6500 so with tax it’s over $7000 usd which converts to $9500 cad! Now, take a look at a pre-owned Lady Dior that’s being sold on Luxe Du Jour. The year is slightly older but again, if you don’t mind the age of the item then this is a complete steal of a deal! You are essentially saving 70% off Dior when buying on consignment. You could technically buy 3 pre-owned Lady Diors for the price of one brand new one! Now if that is not a great deal then I don’t know what is!

Example 3. The Louis Vuitton Capucine is a highly coveted bag from the LV collection because of it’s craftsmanship and made in all taurillon and cowhide leather opposed to the iconic canvas material. However, the retail price is what sets clients back from buying it brand new in stores knowing it does not retain its resale value so buy it preloved! Save yourself the thousands of dollars without sacrificing the style you want!

Here is a comparison of the Louis Vuitton capucines BB from the Louis Vuitton prices and as of March 2024 the retail price of this bag is $7650 USD without tax so after tax the Louis Vuitton capucines BB is over $8200 USD which is around $11000 CAD. Clients are having a hard time justifying paying this kind of price for Louis Vuitton when Chanel prices are similar but do have a better resale value.

Below, you’ll see the price of a used Louis Vuitton Capucines in amazing condition for only $2,900 USD! If you are shopping from a trusted luxury consignment that guarantees authenticity like Luxe Du Jour then you have nothing to worry about other than where else you are going to spend the rest of your savings!

These are not the only bags you’ll find amazing prices on. The beauty of shopping preowned or vintage is truly like a treasure hunt! You never know what amazing deal you’ll find on the resale consignment market and get that exciting thrill of saving hundreds to thousands of dollars which is similar to finding a pot full of money! Wouldn’t you agree?! Discover luxury made affordable and accessible!

No Waitlists or Status Building

The Birkin and Kelly are two of the most sought after and coveted handbags that exist. However, you can’t just walk into Hermes and buy one. In order to be offered one of these bags, you must first be a loyal client for years, establish a relationship with a sales associate, and spend upwards of $15,000 on other items that Hermes offers such as accessories, jewelry, and shoes before your sales associate even offers you a ‘quota bag’. This is called ‘status building’ and often deters people from wanting to buy a quota bag.

Looking for a place to buy authentic pre-owned Hermes Birkin or Kelly’s close to retail price? Luxe Du Jour happens to be the biggest Hermes consignment in Canada with over 300 Hermes items available in stock! You can seldomly find Hermes bags for under retail price or close to retail price for used condition. If you are looking for like new – pristine brand new condition then expect to pay over retail price but readily accessible and available compared to trying your luck in the Hermes boutiques! Below is an example of a classic Hermes Birkin 30 gold on gold hardware highly coveted combo but because this is well-loved and from 1997 this beauty is selling slightly under current retail price!

LDJ has one of the best prices for authentic Hermes bags across north america because we are a luxury consignment that gets our bags from consignors just like you! LDJ has a main direct to consumer approach when it comes to buying and selling and the only time you may see very high premium prices is if a middle man is involved such as a wholesaler or reseller. LDJ prides itself on specializing in ultra luxury like Hermes and is a go to luxury consignment for anyone who has an Hermes bag to sell which gives buyers the chance to score their dream bag easily!

The pre-owned market is a great alternative to waiting years and spending thousands on things you don’t necessarily need. You can find Birkins and Kellys of all sizes and colors on the resale market, and enjoy the accomplishing feeling of owning such a rare and coveted item without the wait and status building. Luxe Du Jour has a wide variety of quota bags as well as other bags that aren’t easily accessible in store or normally sold out such as the trending Goyard Tote Bags.

Goyard is known for its exclusivity with approximately 35 boutiques around the world! Goyard does not offer online shopping through their website like Louis Vuitton so in order to buy one you need to visit a Goyard Boutique or buy it on the resale market online. Booking that flight to your nearest Goyard boutique is not as convenient and oftentimes Goyard can sell close to retail or even above retail price online because of its exclusivity. If you can find Goyard in amazing condition for under retail then snatch it up! Below are some examples of Goyard selling for under retail price on Luxe Du Jour. No need to stress out finding how you’ll ever be able to own a Goyard if your local city doesn’t have a boutique. Browse our Goyard collection!

Buying Pre-owned is more Environmentally Friendly

It is no secret that the fashion industry has a huge impact on our environment. It is crucial for us to explore more sustainable options to our favorite hobbies and interests. Buying pre-owned luxury is a powerful choice that contributes to a greener planet by actively reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with fashion consumption. Instead of adding to the cycle of production and disposal, you’re giving pre-owned items a second chance at life. This extends their lifespan and prevents them from ending up in landfills, where they would contribute to environmental degradation.

Every pre-owned luxury item purchased represents a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. It’s a small yet impactful way to make a difference and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. By choosing pre-owned, you’re not just making a fashion statement – you’re making an environmental statement, too.

Find Rare Bags That Aren’t Available in Stores

Pre-owned luxury shopping gives you access to unique and rare finds that you can’t buy in stores anymore. This includes discontinued styles, colors, vintage pieces, and limited edition or seasonal styles. If you are someone who likes to stand out from what everyone else is wearing, pre-owned designer shopping is for you. The resale market is full of one-of-a-kind finds that add character and personality to your wardrobe. Embrace your individual style and stand out from the crowd with exclusive pieces that tell a story and make a statement. You can find Luxe Du Jour’s collection of rare, vintage or seasonal items here.

Examples of bags you won’t be able to find in stores anymore but you’ll find them on the pre-owned consignment market are:

This Louis Vuitton Alma BB in turquoise that sold in a flash once it hit our website! Why? Because this is a rare color that is no longer produced at LV and the price was too good to pass up! This Louis Vuitton alma BB was sold way under retail price so it’s no surprise that a rare collectors piece for an amazing price sold immediately!

This Louis Vuitton white multicolor wallet that has been discontinued for years is another great example of rare discontinued items you can find on the pre-owned market!

This limited edition Chanel Denim backpack is another great find on consignment now that denim is trending back in fashion for 2024! Chanel does not have this exact Chanel denim backpack in stores but that’s the beauty of shopping resale again!

More Personalized and Tailored Shopping Experience

Shopping for pre-owned luxury items often involves a more personalized and curated experience compared to traditional retail. Many boutique consignment stores and online platforms offer expert guidance and assistance to help you find the perfect piece for your style and preferences. Whether it’s sourcing a specific handbag or providing styling advice, the personalized attention from knowledgeable sellers makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable and easy. Luxe Du Jour has a team of great sales associates who can provide you with virtual viewings, additional photos and videos, special discounts, and can try their best to source any bag you are looking for! You can send Luxe Du Jour a DM on instagram or email at info@luxedujour.ca to get one of our sales associate’s contact!

Payment options

Purchasing pre-owned luxury items often comes with the benefit of flexible payment options, such as payment plans offered by platforms like Affirm and Splitit. These payment solutions allow you to spread the cost of your luxury purchase over time, making it more manageable and accessible for your budget. By choosing payment plans, you can enjoy the luxury of owning designer items without the financial strain of a large upfront payment. This flexibility makes pre-owned luxury shopping even more inclusive and convenient for a wider range of customers, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their passion and enjoy the luxury of designer handbags. With payment options specifically like Affirm and Splitit, you can receive your item immediately before having to pay for it in full, with 0% interest options available!

By shopping pre-owned luxury, you’re not only making a savvy financial choice but also supporting environmental sustainability and ethical consumption. Each pre-owned purchase is a statement against the current environmental crisis of excess and waste, as you give new life to luxury items and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. By choosing pre-owned over new, you’re supporting a circular economy where resources are reused and recycled.

Moreover, the thrill of discovering unique and rare finds adds an element of excitement to the shopping experience, inviting you to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd. And let’s not forget the investment potential – with certain pieces appreciating in value over time, pre-owned luxury offers not just style, but also long-term returns.

In essence, the luxury of secondhand transcends mere fashion; it’s a conscious lifestyle choice. So why wait? Join the pre-owned revolution today and unlock a world of endless possibilities where luxury meets conscience.


A lot of clients are shifting to the preloved market as they become more environmentally conscious while seeing all the other benefits of shopping pre-owned! Join team #Preloved.