5 Hacks To Make You Fall In Love With Your Bag Again

By Luxe Du Jour
September 2, 2022

Sometimes we get tired of wearing the same bag over and over again. We want something new, and buying a new bag is undoubtedly a great idea, but not as affordable and practical. If you want to switch up the look of your bag but do not want to spend so much money, this post is for you. We will help you to get your bag a second life and make it look stunning. 

Here are our top 5 ideas to make you fall in love with your bag again:


It is probably the easiest way to decorate a bag. Twillies can dramatically change your bag’s style as they have multiple colours and patterns to choose from. Moreover, there are a lot of ways to tie it! The advantage of this decor is that you can change scarves, depending on what you are wearing. So buy your twilly today from us for $60 or get it for free with a purchase of any Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly or Louis Vuitton Vanity. 


Charms are one of the most versatile, safe and win-win bag customization options. You can attach it to a handle, pocket flap, and sometimes even the zipper slider. What kind of charms can not be found nowadays? There are funny, toy styles, structured, fluffy, metallic etc. Moreover, if you follow the trends, you know that bag-on-bag charms are the thing right now. What can be better than one bag is to attach the second one to it. Check out our Hermes rodeo charms collection today. Maybe you will find one for yourself!

Strap / Converter 

Replaceable straps are not a new way of styling but are always relevant. Today, many designers are releasing different belts so that you can change looks. There are hundredths of additional straps to choose from. You can play with colours and choose bold rich colour belts or change your strap to chains. These days there are straps with charms or trendy wide straps. Moreover, we have converters that can turn your wallet into a wallet on chain just for CA $50. That way, you can rock your favourite wallet as an evening bag.

Bag Spa

What to do if your bag is damaged? At Luxe Bag Spa, we specialize in leather restoration, re-gold plating, polishing, cleaning, colouration and patina lightening. We will help to give a new life to your bag again. Check our website to get a quote for your bag. 

Rent Your Dream Bag with Us

You can change up your style without buying a new bag! At Luxe Bag Rental, we have many designers and designs to choose from. This way, you won’t be limited and will always have a bag matching your outfit and occasion. Rent your bag today at luxebagrental.ca