Affordable Gift Ideas For Handbag Lovers

By Kikemonk
June 30, 2021

You or someone you know must be a designer bag addict right? Well, don’t be ashamed because most of us here at Luxe Du Jour also are proud handbag addicts, and we have the perfect gift ideas for you or them whether it’s for their birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or a ‘just because’, whatever the occasion is, we are here to help!

You don’t need to buy them an expensive designer bag because these bag hacks and bag accessories will make them just as happy without breaking the bank! Ok, maybe not just as happy because yes we all want another Chanel or Hermès bag added to our collection HA! But sometimes it’s not about the price and its about the thought and the uniqueness of the gift, am I right?

We want to share with you some of our best gift ideas we think you should get for yourself or for them!


Our WOC Converter Insert

This super affordable but mighty great chain insert turns any standard size Wallet into a Wallet on Chain. That’s right a full on chain bag that can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody with it’s 21’ chain drop coming in silver or gold. Everyone has a standard wallet, right? One of those flap wallets that measure the standard 7.5’ length by 4’ height? Well, if you have one, or if you know they have one, then they will love this inexpensive bag accessory! All you have to do is insert it inside the inner back pocket of the wallet and BAM! And it’s $50 CAD only. Wallet on a Chain HERE WE GO! It’s like buying a brand new bag. 



    Our Personlized Twilly

    What does this item say about you, you may ask? That you genuinely care and notice because if you know they love bags then they might love dressing up their most cherished possessions. Our twillies come in various colours and styles and you get to customize the hot stamp at the end of the twilly to the letters and the foil colour. Most people have a top handle bag and a twilly is great for adding that fun pop of colour and it also protects your handles from wear and tear and grim build-up. Now they can have a personal touch added to their favourite bag. Whether they want to wrap it around the handle or turn it into a bow, it will still show their initials. The twilly retails for $60-$75 CAD only. You can get them a pair that’s a less permanent add-on and it comes in the cutest gift box packaging.



    Our Premium Leather Lotion

    This product was perfected and tested and specifically designed for only high-end designer bags. Every bag collector should have a go-to leather lotion cream to protect, moisturize and polish their handbags. Bags get exposed to various temperatures and external settings that deteriorate them with time. Just like you use sunscreen and moisturiser to protect your skin, you should take care of your expensive designer handbag for its longevity. Our leather lotion has a beautiful scent and one key nourishing and natural ingredient in it is avocado oil. Our bag spa team has been using this leather lotion for over 3 years now and have seen light surface scratches reduced, shine replenished and bags feeling supple and moisturized. For only $78 CAD, you can make bag collectors very happy by bringing their purses back to life!