All About The Chanel GST Tote

By Kikemonk
February 15, 2022

The only GST I like is the Chanel GST – not the tax, the Grand Shopping Tote. 

This tote was available in two other sizes: the Petite Shopping Tote (PST) and the Grand Shopping Tote XL (GST XL).

The oldest GST first launched  in early 2004, then it was reissued in 2010, and discontinued in 2015. The GST tote rose to fame in the early to mid 2000’s with the entire cast of The Hills, Paris Hilton and many other reality TV stars sporting the bag on their arm. There are two models of this tote; the original model style code was  A20995, and the newer model ( the reissued one) style code was A50995.


What are the differences between the two styles?

1. Its light as air

This bag is extremely light and, considering its full caviar leather exterior, it’s almost unheard of. This perfect bag to fill up with your essentials without weighing down your tired arm.

2. Padding

The shoulder strap is padded! Which means if you decide to pack a bowling ball, your shoulder will have extra support and comfort.

3. Maintenance

This is super important in a bag. It is able to be maintained. The Grand Shopper Tote is super easy to clean and maintain. If you need products to help maintain your beautiful tote, head to our Luxe Bag Spa (they always have something).

4. Aesthetics

The timeless Chanel quilted pattern with the CC interlocking on the front. The current silhouette of the bag is a great shape for all body types/heights. The bag isn’t too big or too small.  This  GST tote can be easy to dress up for evening out or to go to work. It’s truly an iconic piece by Chanel (in my opinion).

5. Space

There is room! The GST tote has room! Ladies and gentlemen – I can put my book, pens, water bottle (fully sealed), camera, phone, wallet, tissues (to cry about how beautiful it is), anything I truly want. Even though it has room, it’s still elegant and formal. 

In Conclusion *clears throat* If you have a Chanel GST tote that you no longer love or use, please sell it to us (pleasee). 


Bag addicts, let me know what discontinued luxury bag you are lusting after?