Behind The Scenes – With Chanel

By Luxe Du Jour
October 28, 2022

One of the first haute couture labels that still holds the top rank in the world for high fashion is Chanel. Here are some little-known, behind-the-scenes facts about Chanel.

With the first official store opening in 1910, Chanel is one of the few fashion brands founded by a woman that is behind all the operations today. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, also known as Coco, is the brand’s founder and namesake, who has developed and established what the brand is today. Her legacy lives on through the brand to this day. 

Creating detailed garments or accessories can take teams of seamstresses hundreds of hours. Every embellishment, from sequins to embroidery, is expertly and delicately hand-sewn, from haute couture wedding dresses to highly textured garments taking upwards of 1000 hours to complete.

Coco Chanel designed the interlocking CC logo that became the Chanel brand’s symbol in 1925. Its simple and timeless design has not changed and can now be found on fabric prints and Chanel Bag clasps.

Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel under his wing in 1983. He was in charge of adding the bold CC logo into more of the brand’s designs, as well as revitalizing the struggling label’s ready-to-wear collections. Until his death in 2019, he was a beloved and essential part of the Chanel brand.

Coco Chanel was a woman who enjoyed challenging societal norms for women. While the Chanel brand took a hit after her death in 1971, Karl Lagerfeld revitalized it, and it now honours her memory by pushing the boundaries of fashion and combining comfort and sheer elegance.

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