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Best Gifts for Dad: A Father’s Day Guide

Celebrating Father’s Day goes beyond the act of gift-giving—it’s an expression of gratitude towards a figure who has significantly shaped our lives. When a simple card or tie no longer cuts it, and you want to truly express your appreciation, consider stepping up your game with a luxurious gift. Luxe Du Jour, a purveyor of fine designer goods, is the perfect place to find a gift that encapsulates the love and respect you hold for your father. The Value of Quality in Gifts Gift-giving is an expression of love—what better way to let Dad know how much he means to you than a well-chosen, luxury piece that he can wear? A designer piece isn’t just about the emblazoned brand name—it’s about craftsmanship, unique flair, style, and designs, as well as long-lasting durability. Find a piece that your dad can show […]

Introducing the New Luxe Du Jour App – Pre-Loved Luxury In Your Hands

In a post-pandemic world, consumer attitudes have shifted dramatically toward shopping virtually. Luxury retailers have focused on enhancing the digital shopping experience for luxury enthusiasts. At Luxe Du Jour we are committed to leading the luxury handbag experience, this commitment is evident with our new mobile app, which is available to download through Google Play and the App Store, offering our customers an interactive, on-the-go service experience.  The Challenge: Sustaining Sustainability in Luxury  Balancing the need to be environmentally conscious and enjoying the finer things in life is a delicate endeavor. Luxe Du Jour always strives to enhance and expand its exciting business model by bringing luxury back into pre-owned and pre-loved designer bags, shoes, watches, accessories, rarities, and more. We developed our brand to provide attainable and accessible luxury to a broader market segment. One of Luxe Du Jour’s […]

Top 7 Tips to Prolong Your Handbag’s Life

Finding that perfect unique purse, handbag, or watch is exhilarating. We all know the amazing feeling of adding that sought after new piece to your collection. Now that you have your new addition, how do you best care for it to make it last? Properly taking care of your designer piece will allow you to enjoy your beautiful handbag for many years, and the following tips will help you maintain a handbag’s condition to prolong its lifespan and value.  Keep the Silica Packets It’s natural to throw these packets out; almost everyone will toss silica packets into the trash. While this is tempting, you must keep these packets because they serve a purpose and absorb moisture while preventing molding inside your bag. These packets are especially effective in humid climates; you must keep them inside your handbag. Don’t Hang It!  […]

Why Men Need to Start Consigning

Just as women like to switch up their closets and keep things fresh, the same can be said for men.

LUXE DU JOUR – Revolutionizing Fashion Today

Anna Brismar coined the term circular fashion and describes it as “clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulated responsibly” and must “return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use.”

Behind The Scenes – With Chanel

One of the first haute couture labels that still holds the top rank in the world for high fashion is Chanel. Here are some little-known, behind-the-scenes facts about Chanel.

Drake Gifts $1.5 Millon Dollar Rolex

Toronto rapper Drake is a betting man, as recently with his acquisition of the online betting site “Stake”. Where he posts some generous bets on sporting events and likes to show off in his instagram stories.

All About The Prada Re-Edition

Nothing blew up this year more than the Prada Re-edition. As the name suggests, the Prada Re-edition was a previously issued bag from the early 2000’s. The bag initially launched in Prada’s iconic nylon and now it comes in materials such as ruched nylon, saffiano leather and even fully rhinestoned.

All About The Fendi Baguette

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end. We saw some iconic moments and some interesting fashion moments. I think the most iconic moment was when supermodel Linda Evangelista closed the Fendi x Tiffany collaboration.

Is Logomania Out Of Style?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Financial Times have reported on September 6th 2022 that the trend logomania is phasing out. While bittersweet don’t throw out your logomania items just yet.

What Does Your Favourtie Color Say About You?

Bag Enthusiasts, let’s talk about color theory. Did you know that colors have meaning?

5 Tips To Avoid Being a Target For Robbery

There’s been a devastating home invasion robbery in Melbourne. Allegedly, thieves stole more than $250,000 worth of rare and vintage luxury handbags. According to reports, on August 3rd at 10pm, the homeowner entered their home to find every room had been torn apart and items were missing.

Now Accepting Luxury Watches!

It is official we now accept luxury watches from the following brands: Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Hublot. Do you have any of these watches in your collection and would like to make some fast cash? Get your free consignment quote today!