5 Tips To Avoid Being a Target For Robbery

By Luxe Du Jour
September 7, 2022

There’s been a devastating home invasion robbery in Melbourne. Allegedly, thieves stole more than $250,000 worth of rare and vintage luxury handbags. According to reports, on August 3rd at 10pm, the homeowner entered their home to find every room had been torn apart and items were missing. Over 50 designer handbags, many of which were Chanel as well as luxury jewellery, were seen to be missing. The bags were said to be stolen anytime between noon and 10pm. With the amount of bags stolen, there is said to be more than one person involved and they would definitely have needed a getaway car. reports,

This suburb has been hit twice. On June 15th, $50,00 worth of designer handbags were also hit. According to the police, these incidents were not related.  Police found the missing handbags in another woman’s home the following month and were able to recover all the stolen goods. 

While this hasn’t been the only case of robberies, it seems the news seems to be reporting robberies in stores, homes and local businesses all over the world every day. Here are some tips to prevent being a target for these types of crimes.

Social Media Isn’t Your Friend

Do NOT post your location while you’re there. If you are at a cactus with the girls and showing off your bags, this can make you a target for in-person theft. If you’ve posted your home/apartment in stories prior, robbers can guess your address and they will know you’re not home and attempt their robbery. Here are some basic rules:

  • Do NOT post your home, windows can show the street you live on
  • Do NOT post in real time
  • Do NOT show off your collection, subtly flex your items but posting a full show and where they are kept can make the robber work faster because they know exactly the location of the items
  • Do NOT post your vacation in real time, we love seeing vacation pics but post them when you arrive home. Having your home unattended for a week gives people time to plan and attack

Lock & Secure

Security is key! Secure your home. Ring is a great tool for video cameras for your home. Lock up your valuables. HIDE! HIDE! Hide all your valuables. Never leave them wide open. Never show off your security system. This makes it easier to plan for. Technology is great but it can be cut off or it can be hacked.

Avoid Letting Strangers In

Stranger, danger – still rings true even when you’re an adult. Avoid having strangers in your home. If you do, please be aware of what rooms they are going to and if they are taking photos, and if they are acting suspicious. 

Vacation Tips

Use the safe in the hotel room, everything in that box can be insured. Luggage locks – they’re relatively cheap and they’re great for locking up your luggage when you aren’t in your room. Do not geo-tag your location. This makes it easy for thieves to find you. Do not let anyone follow you. If you are suspicious of someone following you, do NOT go to your room, go to a public place like a lobby, restaurant or crowded area. 

Keep Your Belongings Close

If you are out in public, do not leave your items unattended. Keep things in reach and always have an eye on your belongings. Earlier this year in Toronto, a bag was stolen when it was left unattended in the lobby of a medispa. Please take your items with you at all times. It is no one’s responsibility to look at your belongings besides you.

These tips won’t guarantee this never happens but it can throw potential criminals off your radar.

Bag Enthusiasts, what are your tips to safely secure your belongings?