Is Logomania Out Of Style?

By Luxe Du Jour
September 13, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Financial Times have reported on September 6th 2022 that the trend logomania is phasing out. While bittersweet don’t throw out your logomania items just yet. 

Influencers all over the world have been promoting bags with no logo, if there is a pattern in the bag it’s usually woven, tweed and rhinestone. We haven’t been seeing logo rocker by celebrities, influencers and alike as much anymore. Prada made its Fall/Winter 2022 fashion week debut, their designs were sleek and clean cut. There weren’t too many obvious logos out for display. Even the Balenciaga trash bags were subtle, we all know its Balenciaga but without the logo in sight – definitely understated. 

Y2K was the optimy of logomania, it was all about flashy and colourful. The runways this year have been more capsule wardrobe with basics making a comeback. We saw structured black bags, black and white tailored clothes and “everyday basics”. There has been a heavy focus on menswear for women, there have been suits and ties for women. Meaning the briefcase trend we predicted will be coming to fruition. More pieces have the connotation of “is it expensive or is it affordable”. The capsule collection is all about high quality materials that maintain their investment.

Logomania will never fully go out of style, things come in and out of the seasons. Now is the time to stockup. Many will be selling their logo mania bags. This is your time to get them while prices are low. Tip, sell your bags when they are in demand! 

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Bag Enthusiast, are you sad or excited that logomania will be phasing out?