Introducing the New Luxe Du Jour App – Pre-Loved Luxury In Your Hands

By Luxe Du Jour
April 27, 2023

In a post-pandemic world, consumer attitudes have shifted dramatically toward shopping virtually. Luxury retailers have focused on enhancing the digital shopping experience for luxury enthusiasts. At Luxe Du Jour we are committed to leading the luxury handbag experience, this commitment is evident with our new mobile app, which is available to download through Google Play and the App Store, offering our customers an interactive, on-the-go service experience. 

The Challenge: Sustaining Sustainability in Luxury 

Balancing the need to be environmentally conscious and enjoying the finer things in life is a delicate endeavor. Luxe Du Jour always strives to enhance and expand its exciting business model by bringing luxury back into pre-owned and pre-loved designer bags, shoes, watches, accessories, rarities, and more. We developed our brand to provide attainable and accessible luxury to a broader market segment. One of Luxe Du Jour’s missions is to reduce waste and put the “ethical” back in luxury by creating a stronger circular system within the handbag market.

Refurbishing or revitalizing pre-used designer bags and finding new, purposeful ownership has never been this straightforward for us from an e-comm perspective.

Market Trends

We are determined to become a leader in the luxury bag and designer accessory market, and since 2016, we’ve amassed a whopping 40k-strong client base. Seeing the current burgeoning trends in mobile phone apps catered to convenience, we thought it was time to introduce our own for Android and iOS. Our commitment to exceptional service is a top priority, making the buying, consigning, renting, or restoration processes easier for designer bag owners and enthusiasts through our mobile app.

Why Download?  

With the new Luxe Du Jour mobile app, you can submit your items electronically when convenient. Get approved and verified by the Luxe Du Jour team, and enjoy the app’s enhanced value-added benefits. Customers can also:

-Gain access to tiered and customized perks as you use the app.

-Experience a passive income stream when you rent out your luxury designer bags through our mobile app.

-Submit your designer bag specifications electronically for Rental, Consignment or our Bag Spa services.

-Browse and purchase items through the latest arrivals and the best designer brands on offer.

-Once product specialists receive your item, they will inspect your product, photograph your designer bag and forward them for consignment or rental.

-Get instructions on how to dispatch or return your designer bags to us.

-Get real-time updates on the progression and whereabouts of your item within our internal network.

Functionality & Highlights

Tap into our interactive menus to help you locate luxury items such as designer bags, designer watches, premium gift boxes, etc. We utilize reliable and professional AI tools and architecture to use a multi-authentication process for re-sellers, and consignors. Luxe Du Jour’s new app encapsulates all our services, from uploading details about your consignment or sale of your designer item to us, bag rental, our Bag Spa, shopping luxury brand items from us or unlocking exclusive deals from Luxe Du Jour.

Your Luxe Du Jour Mobile Experience is Here

The Luxe Du Jour mobile-phone app received its soft launch on April 17th, 2023. It is now available for download through Google Play and the App Store. Install the app today and get started with your Luxe Du Jour designer bag trade through your phone.