What Does Your Favourtie Color Say About You?

By Luxe Du Jour
September 8, 2022

Bag Enthusiasts, let’s talk about color theory. 

Did you know that colors have meaning? 

Do you notice when you are wearing all black you feel more sleek and sophisticated? When you wear a purple satin dress on a night out, do you tend to feel more luxurious?

Unconsciously, our minds associate colors with feeling and when we want to portray a feeling, we wear a certain color. Whenever I’m meeting someone new, I tend to always wear something blue, to portray myself as trustworthy and loyal. In our minds, we associate the color blue with calm, trustworthy. There is a theory that the sky is always blue during the day, the blue sky will always come out and that’s something we all trust will happen. We associate going outside and getting fresh air to calm ourselves down. Which is why we associate blue with being the most trustworthy color. 

The same theory can be applied to luxury handbags. A taupe Birkin is fairly reliable and dependable to go with all outfits.  The colour brown typically represents simple and trustworthy  – not necessarily bad things, but we tend to go for brown/nude heels and a beige purse almost every day. Meanwhile, an orange Birkin makes a statement and it demands attention when walking into a room. The color orange is associated with confidence, success and bravery – meaning a color that is bold in an outfit can command a room. 

Bag Enthusiast, what color do you often find yourself wearing? And why?