Top 7 Tips to Prolong Your Handbag’s Life

By Luxe Du Jour
March 14, 2023

Finding that perfect unique purse, handbag, or watch is exhilarating. We all know the amazing feeling of adding that sought after new piece to your collection. Now that you have your new addition, how do you best care for it to make it last? Properly taking care of your designer piece will allow you to enjoy your beautiful handbag for many years, and the following tips will help you maintain a handbag’s condition to prolong its lifespan and value. 

Keep the Silica Packets

It’s natural to throw these packets out; almost everyone will toss silica packets into the trash. While this is tempting, you must keep these packets because they serve a purpose and absorb moisture while preventing molding inside your bag. These packets are especially effective in humid climates; you must keep them inside your handbag.

Don’t Hang It! 

It’s common for many women to hang their bags, but this is far from ideal. Bag handles are not designed to sit on hooks or hangers, especially for prolonged periods. Bag handles cannot endure this kind of stress, and hanging your bag will result in wear and tear rather quickly. This will cause your gorgeous handbag to lose its shape, and the handles will wear out more quickly over time. Always place your bags on a flat surface, such as a shelf in your closet.

Refrain from Overstuffing

This will cause your bag to lose shape because your handbag will stretch out and deflate, affecting your bag’s appearance and causing permanent creases.

Take the Time to Clean Your Handbag

Wipe your bag down with a leather wipe or cloth after each use. You can also moisturize your bag every few months—whenever you see your bag losing its shine or lustre, it is due for cleaning. Routine cleaning will prevent bacteria from transferring onto your bag, and if you are guilty of placing your bag on the ground, it is absolutely essential to regularly clean and moisturize it. This habit will prevent staining on the exterior, but don’t forget about the interior! You can make use of a lint roller or lint ball to grab fuzz or crumbs that may have accumulated.

Be Mindful of Hardware

Exposed hardware can lead to scratches and indentation marks. When not using the purse, wrap the chain with a soft cloth and place it inside your handbag. This will ensure no damage occurs in your closet. Additionally, it would be best if you didn’t place your bags close together in your wardrobe as they can scratch each other or color transfer.

Use a Dust Bag

This will prevent unnecessary light exposure, which can cause discoloration. You can also use a cotton pillowcase or cotton t-shirt if you don’t have a dust bag.

Air Out And Enjoy! 

Bags are meant to be used and enjoyed. Designer bags are expensive, and after spending all that money, you need to put in the effort to care for your handbag. Air out your bag occasionally and check on your handbags to ensure they are mold-free. Remember the steps we’ve outlined in this article and add them into your routine for longer-lasting shine and quality.


You worked hard to get your hands on your beautiful handbag, and you deserve to enjoy it for as long as possible. Designer bags don’t come cheap; your beautiful bags deserve the proper care. 

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