Now Accepting Luxury Watches!

By Luxe Du Jour
August 31, 2022

It is official we now accept luxury watches from the following brands: RolexAudemars PiguetPatek Philippe, and Hublot. Do you have any of these watches in your collection and would like to make some fast cash? Get your free consignment quote today!

Watch Enthusiast, Here is a brief history of all the watch brands we carry! Keep an eye on our instagram and website for all new arrivals!


In 1980, Carlo Crocco officially launched Hublot. The first launch was groundbreaking in the watch industry due to the pairing of gold, precious metal with rubber.  In French, “hublot” translates to porthole; the bezel of the watch looks similar to the shape of a ship’s porthole. Jean- Claude Biver was appointed CEO in 2004, upon his lead. “The Art of Fusion” was launched, which furthers the original concept of coming materials. Hublot’s flagship collection  launched in 1980 and was called “Big Bang”.”Big Bang”’s claim to fame was winning the Best Design Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. At the end of 2011, “Magic Gold” was launched, the same year the brand paid tribute to the Antikythera mechanism. 

Hublot is known for making major investments in its marketing. In 2001, it became the “Official Watch of FIFA”, “Official Timekeeper” for two football games in the World Cups and the “Official Watchmaker of Formula 1”. In 2012, Ferrari and Hublot found themselves in a partnership agreement that covers brand image and the company’s commercial activities.  Every year, Hublot releases 1-2 branded Ferrari special series watches and they are presented at every Ferrari event all over the world. In 2008, Hublot joined the LVMH family. This acquisition came with the opening of production sites in Nyon and Switzerland. Hublot owns the Grandes Complications division, currently having absorbed around 30 watchmakers, electroplaters, prototypiste and engineers.


Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet were childhood friends that lost touch and reconnected in the early 1870’s. When reconnecting, they found they both were watchmakers with mechanical timepieces. In 1875, they launched the brand we know today as Audemars Piguet in Le Brassus, a village in Vallee Des Joux, Switzerland. It wasn’t officially called Audemars Piguet until 1881.  It remains family- owned to this day. In the 1870s, Audemars created innovative watch movements that fit into their cases, and Piguet would perform final regulations. In 1875, they continued to split tasks with Audemars handling production and technical aspects, while Piguet thrived in sales and management.  The first-minute repeater wristwatch was created by the brand in 1892 and in 1899, the first ever Grand Complication pocket watch was released. It had unique features like an alarm, a calendar, deadbeat sound, split-second hands, minute repeater and chronograph. 

Upon the tragic passing of Audemars and Piguet, the company continued to thrive under the leadership of their sons, Paul Louis Audemars and Paul Edward Piguet. They continued to push for innovation and keep the legacy alive. In 1925, they released the thinnest pocket watch caliber, and in 1946, the brand launched the world’s thinnest wrist watch. In 1967, the brand won the record for the first thinnest self-winding automatic caliber featuring a central rotor with a diameter of 2.45mm.


In 1839, Patek Philippe started as Patek, Czapek & Cie. Antoine Patek and Francois Czapek originally created pocket watches for high society, including the Royals. In 1844, Adrien Philippe won a bronze medal at the Industrial Exposition in France for his keyless winding and hand-sending system. That was the first time he had met Patek. In 1845, Patek and Philippe created their partnership and, in 1851, the luxury watch house was officially named Park, Philippe and Cie and started the expansion of the brand.  During the Great Exhibition in London, Queen Victoria acquired a pendant watch with diamond roses in blue enamel. Patek took a trip to the US where he met Charles Lewis Tiffany in New York. There he gained his partnership with Tiffany &Co. That partnership still remains to this day and they are the only accredited American retailers to appear on the dial. In 1863, the brand produced the first pocket watch that was designed to counteract gravity in the movement and tell accurate time. Even after the passing of Patek and Philippe, the brand continued to innovate and develop groundbreaking mechanisms. Patek has filed over 1000 different patents for various innovation mechanisms they have created. Even with the long history of the brand, there are less than a million watches produced.


In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf (aged 24) and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, founded a brand called Wilsdorf and Davis. However, in 1908, Wilsdorf secured the name Rolex. Originally founded as an imported movement for British cases to jewellers. The pair saw the potential of developing their own brand, thus starting the Rolex brand. Unlike other watchmakers, “Rolex” wasn’t a last name. It came from a genie whispering in Wilsdorf’s ear while riding a horse the word “Rolex”. Wilsdorf had been hoping to come up with a short and easy name that was universal in any language.  The brand originated in London, but soon quickly opened an office in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland. In 1910, Rolex became the first wristwatch to carry the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision.  In 1920, the brand officially changed its name to Rolex S.A. The S.A stands for Societe Anonyme, or a limited company. Rolex has had 500 different patents since its launch, and has over 2000 employees. One of the most unique and important milestones in watch making happened in 1926. Rolex invented the first ever waterproof case. They named this the “Rolex Oyster Case”. The waterproof case was put to the test by British swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze. Rolex continued its innovation streak with the “Perpetual Rotor” they launched in 1931. During the initial launch, the rotor was quite thick and today, with innovation and continuously changing technology, the rotor is now ultra thin. 

Watch Enthusiast, What luxury watch brand are you most excited for?