Belt Bags 101

By Kikemonk
March 9, 2022

Honest question, would you like a belt that’s only purpose is to hold your pants up or would you prefer a belt that not only holds your pants up but can carry your essentials too. I’m not talking about fanny packs, I mean the ever-so classy belt bags. A fanny pack can be wonderful for running errands or going for a jog. However, the belt bag is a sophisticated, fashionable bag that’s perfect for on the go, being a style statement or even more.

Belt Bags 101:

  • Sophisticated version of a fanny pack It’s become a must-have accessory.
  • When the big wigs like Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton debuted during Fashion Week, the belt bags became something that everyone needed to have Men can wear belts too,
  • The name “belt bag” has status attached to it too. Perfect for all occasions Typically made with high-quality materials and they last super long.
  • Can make your outfit look put together Perfect for any day-to-night looks
  • Can add shape to your look


Our Top Belt Bags:

Chanel Bum Bag:

Celine Micro Belt Bag:


Celine Belt Bag:


Did you know that you could convert your cardholders into a belt bag?

We have created the perfect answer to your card holder problems! With our Adjustable Card Holder Converter, you can easily transform any standard size card holder into a waist belt bag, crossbody or over the shoulder bag. This new feature allows you to fully adjust the length and repurpose your card holder into a compact functional bag accessory! The clip on the clasp allows you to remove the strap from this insert and attach it onto any other felt inserts or any bag or item with rings.