Chanel Trendy 101

By Kikemonk
April 19, 2022

The coveted Chanel Trendy was first spotted on the spring 2014 runway. The trendy is recognized by its “Chanel” top plate, top handle, CC clasp in the front, woven chain strap, three separated compartments and a back pocket. The Trendy was designed to be a working women’s go-to bag. It flew off the shelves on its initial launch, making it an instant success. It’s now considered a classic amongst the Chanel addict community.  

This bag is made in limited quantities. That means when shopping at the store there are very rarely any Trendy’s lined up on the shelf. Chanel only releases a handful of Trendy CC’s easy season, making it unique and rare to other Chanel styles. 

 The Trendy is priced more than a Chanel 19 and Coco Handle. However, it’s still a lower price point than a classic flap.

 It might be rare to find in stores, but we have a few instock! 

Here are Trendy picks: 

Blue Trendy:


Mustard Yellow Trendy:

Black Trendy:


Pink Trendy:

Grey Trendy:


Coral Red Trendy:


Bag Addicts, What color trendy would you purchase?