Fendace In Stock!

By Luxe Du Jour
August 18, 2022

In 2021, the most iconic unexpected collab happened on the last night of Milan Fashion Week. It was never done before Dontella Versace presented a Fendi Collection with Silivia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones. At the famed Versace Palazzo on Via Gesu, the world was introduced to Fendace. Both brands’ sartorial swaps gave other houses free reign to dig into the house and come up with a unique combination of both brands’ artistic journeys in one design. This collaboration shook the fashion world, since it is the first time in fashion history two designers have come together with a creative experiment such as “Fendace”. In recent years, Gucci and Balenciaga riffed off each other’s brands in one of their one off “ contamination” collections. Gianni Versace, Dontella’s brother, was a close personal friend of Karl Lagerfeld, who designed for Fendi for over 50 years. It was Lagerfeld who brought the double “F” and Versace “V” together on logomania garments. The collection had a total of 25 looks. The models displaying the collection were supermodels from the past 40 years. This collection came out with mutual love, respect and communication between the two brands.

For Fendace fans, we  have a Fendi Fendace La Medusa in stock!

Bag Enthusiasts, What is your opinion on this collaboration?