Luxe Du Jour 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

By Kikemonk
April 6, 2022

Easter is fast approaching and we want to give a loyal bag addict a chance to win cash, $1000 CAD to be specific. 

Are you ready for our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt? 

Starting April 10th – 20th, one of our social platforms will post an Easter bunny emoji!  It could be posted on  stories, posts, websites, Luxe Bag Rental, Luxe Bag Spa, Tik Tok, or in our emails. If you spot it, screen screenshot it and DM us saying you found the Easter bunny and you will win $1000 CASH! 


 ^This is how the bunny emoji looks like 

First person to spot and send us a screenshot between April 10-20. If there is no one that finds it by April 20th midnight, the game is over. There can only be one winner!

Ready for a hint? 

The hint:

The Easter bunny is hopping around and dropping eggs along the way. 

Follow the eggs and it’ll lead you to where the bunny will stay

The bunny is small and not easy to see,

but if you start seeing eggs, that’s where he will be.


P.s this blog is posted April 6th, that bunny emoji isn’t the hidden one!