Manhattan Designer Turns Old Louis Vuitton Bags Into Folding Chairs

By Kikemonk
February 9, 2022

Sarah Coleman, a Manhattan-born designer, has turned Louis Vuitton bags into folding chairs. Huh? – we want one!

In July 2018, Coleman began reupholstering a vintage armchair using a deconstructed broken Louis Vuitton suitcase which belonged to her father. Her designs have gained mass popularity – she now has a full-blown website where her work is readily available for purchase. 

Coleman stated in the Robb Report: “My work came about in a very organic way. I went for it after upholstering my own chair using an LV luggage piece I had but was not using because of a broken zipper. I always have my eyes open for new pieces that I can create or materials to repurpose in a new way from how they are usually seen,” Her inspiration for her work came from walking downtown and seeing a small director’s folding chair in front of a massage parlor. She worked off the design and then posted her creation on social media. 

It doesn’t stop with just folding chairs. She also creates ottomans, coffee mugs, pill bottles, lighters and vacuum cleaners. Repurposing has never looked better.


How much do these cost? It depends on what you choose to commission. However, a folding chair is close to $4500 USD, not including the price of the Louis Vuitton you need to supply.  Don’t worry, if you want to DIY this yourself, we always have some Louis Vuitton in stock if this is your dream (kidding, don’t cut up the poor Louis Vuitton). 

You can visit Sarah Coleman’s Website if you would like purchase!  

I got to ask my fellow bag lovers, would you get a Louis Vuitton folding chair?