Mini History of Gucci Bags

By Kikemonk
March 30, 2022

Guccio Gucci founded Gucci in 1921, making it the oldest Italian fashion brand. Gucci initially started out as a baggage manufacturer and equestrian goods for the upper class. During the Second World War, Gucci introduced the iconic Double-G logo – as well as the stripe, the two red stripes with green running down the middle.  From the 1950’s onwards, the company experienced great success with A-list celebrities, high-class citizens and luxury shoppers recognizing the brand. With the passing of Guccio Gucci, there were a few creative directors appointed to continue the brand’s memory. To this day, Gucci still remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. 

Looking to purchase a Gucci Bag? Here are the top five picks for Gucci Bags.

Gucci Sylvie

The Sylvie bag was great in 1969 – the same year an astronaut touched down on the moon. Gucci Sylvie is known for its gold-toned chain and buckle closure that makes it widely recognized as Gucci. The Sylvie is flashy without the Double G being shown. 

Gucci Mini Marmont

Creative Director Alessandro Michele wanted to pay homage to the brand’s rich history. Michele worked his way up in the company. He started working for Gucci in 2002 and in 2015 he released his first collection as creative director of the brand. The double G was inspired by the first release of the GG belt in their 1970’s collection. In 2016, the Gucci Marmont was released and we have seen it on everyone since. Sometimes going back to basics is a good thing. 

Gucci Python Marmont Camera Bag 

In the years after, Gucci sensed the popularity of the Marmont bags and ran with them. Releasing the bag every year in various shapes, sizes and colors. A camera bag is the perfect starter bag. It’s perfect for being on the go. The crossbody makes it easy to carry around. 

Gucci Dionysus


History lesson time: Dionysus was the Greek God of wine, fertility and general excess. He is represented by the tiger head closure on the clasp. Dionysus became an iconic Gucci piece, being first launched in 2015 by Alessandro Michele. These pieces come in various sizes, colors and materials. 

Gucci Bamboo Top Handle

Gucci is known for its bamboo handles. In 1947, Guccio Gucci introduced the bamboo handle.  It was the result of leather shortages after the Second World War. Bamboo is extremely durable and is easily imported. At the time, the bamboo collection was innovative and exciting. The original bamboo bag was a small structured bag made of pigskin and had a built-in mirror inside. The bamboo handle is still used today.


Bag Addicts, what is your go-to Gucci bag?